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Blog User Spotlight: How Adrienne Dorison uses MV

User Spotlight: How Adrienne Dorison uses MV


Geek out to how Adrienne Dorison from Run Like Clockwork, uses MV to deliver a super high touch experience in her year long program.

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Mike Kelly  
Well, I'm talking to Adrienne Dorison. And this is really surreal to me, because Adrienne's like membervault user, double O one, the first original one. Yeah, double o on. And what's cool is that like, in the past five, that was over five years ago, and in the past five years, remember what has changed tremendously. And what you do has changed tremendously as well. So for folks who don't know you tell us what you do.

Adrienne Dorison  
I'm Adrienne Dorison. I'm the CEO, co founder of run like clockwork, so we help small business owners to design a business that can run itself through better systems and team and we have a training program that supports them through that process. So that's the company. That's what we do now. And yes, I was memorable to user number 001. Because we essentially created membervault. We hired you to do me and Erin, to develop it for clients back in the day. So we're Yeah, a long journey.

Mike Kelly  
Yeah. And so now at clockwork, I mean, how are you using MemberVault? Now, I think that's what's one of the coolest things about this is that like, you were using MemberVault A while ago, like we created it with with you in mind to do something specific. And now you're at run like clockwork, and why, how are you using MemberVault? 

Adrienne Dorison  
well, for pretty much everything. It's, it's like how our business effectively runs and keeps track of our clients and supports them on their journey.

So we have a year long, like training and course program. And so students have all all of the materials are inside of member vault, and they have access to that we also use it for our free stuff. So we have a book, it's called clockwork. And inside the book, they get access to like a free clockwork kit. And that is also, you know, housed inside of member vault. So people start their free journey with us with that clockwork kit. And then if they decide to join our program, everything is inside of member bolt in terms of our videos, our trainings, our PDFs, our quiz questions, so we ask quiz questions for them to be able to move forward on the modules just so that we make sure that the implementation of what they're doing is that they're nailing it before they can move forward. Yeah. And then our member vault is heavily integrated with our Active Campaign, which is where, like, we store all of our client information, as well as our email marketing system. So those speak really well to each other. And we've just like, over the years continued to try to make that experience and integration better and better and better. So yeah, we're really like, on top of how our students are actually using member vault so that we can continue to improve the user experience for them. Like yeah, getting stuck, or like if they're not doing something, or if they're having challenges. Yeah.

Mike Kelly  
And I want to dig into that. But first I, who, who does run like clockwork, serve, you know, what type of people are you working with? I'm just kind of curious to get a, I'm on this.

Adrienne Dorison  
Yeah, small business owners typically anywhere from, you know, zero to like, they're the only person on their team currently, but they know they, they need to hire because there's, they're at that point where they're doing too much they're overwhelmed, they know that they're kind of the bottleneck to the business growing even more, or they don't have any more free time. And so they're ready to start hiring. So anywhere from like zero to one person on the team all the way to 15 to 20. Team members. So we're in that like small team range and anywhere from, you know, multi six figures to we have clients in our program that are eight figures plus just because of the different types of business models and you know, team sizes that we support, but they're all in a position where they want to remove themselves from being the linchpin and the business being dependent on them. And so, yeah, we help support them in that growth. You know, that like, yeah, awkward middle, middle school years, phase of business where they were, it can finally grow beyond them.

Mike Kelly  
Yeah, being working for myself, you know, for the past 10 plus years that even before MemberVault I really understand that.

Adrienne Dorison  
Yeah, like whenever depends on you. We want to remove you from a lot of the things so that Yeah, our customer is that.

Mike Kelly  
I love that. I love that. So you mentioned something. And so one of the things I was kind of curious about was like how MemberVault plays into the big picture with your other tech tools too. And I know that you had mentioned we were talking a little bit before this about you MemberVault and ActiveCampaign and how like It's like Captain Planet right? Getting together. Yeah. If you're old enough to remember Captain Planet 

Adrienne Dorison  
love so planet. Yes. Right. So good to hear

Mike Kelly  
that. Yeah. So yeah, um, how does that work? Let's get geeky for a minute here like how are you using Active Campaign and member vault? Like what superpowers? Do they both have the come together? Yeah, you know, to save your planet?

Adrienne Dorison  
Yeah, exactly. So my team is the one who like sets all this up. So they know way more about, like all the specific details of how we do this. And they love like playing with these things, and figuring out how to make them work even better.

But just from a high level, you know, students will join our program, and they are tagged inside of Active Campaign to let membervault know, you know, this is a new student, it gives them access to that product. So that whole process happens automatically.

And then once they're a new student, they'll get access to their member vault. And once they start going through the program, membervault will start adding tags to them as they complete certain things within the MemberVault program system. And then it will speak back to Active Campaign, which we have a deals pipeline like a CRM setup, so that we can see where everyone is. So in our deals pipeline, it shows us like module by module. So we have a whole deals like just for our students, right.

And so we can look at our students. And we can see who's in module one who's in module two, who's in module three. And we can see also like, you know, the things that they've done any notes that they have any quiz questions that they've answered, It all speaks back to their so that all our team has to do is go and like, look at that individual person, if they want like more detail or more information, maybe before they're, you know, going to go on a coaching call and work with this person. They're like, oh, like, where are they? What have they completed? What does that work look like? What are their quiz answers, etc.

It also is really helpful for us, because we're really big on making sure that our students are like, we don't want you to just buy our program, we want you to actually be successful through our program, right? Yeah, we want you to do it.

And that's like our biggest, what we call our queen bee role. It's like, the most important thing for us as a company is to make sure that we get our students through the program.

And so MemberVault and Active Campaign have been integral to us being able to make that possible.

Because if someone is also not moving forward, like so just as important as it is to know that they're moving forward, and it sends them like congratulations, and it sends them, hey, book, this call now that you've done this, right, so it keeps them moving forward, if they if they are progressing.

But just as importantly, if they're not progressing, it will also add certain tags and tell us like, hey, this person hasn't moved forward in two weeks, right, like I have certain time, triggers set up. So that in active campaign, it'll send a to do or a task to one of our team members, Hey, Mike hasn't, you know, hasn't moved forward. Since module two, it's been two weeks reach out to Mike.

We also have like automated emails that go out to those people. But then we take it a step further and do some personal reach outs as well. And so it helps us make sure that our students are not getting lost through the cracks.

And I think that's the biggest thing, especially like with online programs, there's so you know, people sign up for them, and they never complete them. And I think it's on us, as course creators and providers to do whatever we can to support people through that process. As easy as possible.

And this, like this integration of member vault and Active Campaign have just made it easy for us to keep track of that, so that it's not super tedious to go into every individual like check, like, have they done their work, have they not right, it's super transparent, for our team to keep that in mind.

And our students are always like, blown away of like, how do you know? How do you know that? Or, like, Thank you for checking in, because I did fall off track where I was stuck, you know, but it also helps us, you know, identify trends.

So if we can see that, like, oh, there's a lot of students that get stuck on modules that like, Okay, well, now we can see in the pipeline like, or we can even run a report of like, okay, students consistently get stuck on module seven for X number of days, which is way longer than the average module.

So maybe there's something else we actually need to add there. Maybe there's a video that we need to put in or maybe there's a touch point that we need to create to make our program even better so that it's not requiring like more reach outs from us but that the program itself is moving people forward on its own and so that gives us like a lot of data that we wouldn't have otherwise besides you know, if we didn't Yeah, remember vault and Active Campaign?

Mike Kelly  
I love that. Yeah. And there you know, I love that because so many people don't know Active Campaign can even do that kind of thing. I know we use Active Campaign as a CRM too. And tags are not just for tag this person, add them to this list.

But like you said, you're actually using tags inside of automations. To do deals and to track progress and to do all those really cool stuff, and not even just email them, but email your team to be like, Hey, Mike, cuz it's definitely me. isn't doing the work, like isn't making progress, like, reach out to him? He's probably looking at bikes on the internet. And, you know, hey, what's going on back on track?

So yeah, so yeah, no, I love that. That is, that is fantastic. Um, thanks for sharing that with us. I think that's like, that's the kind of stuff that people need to hear that like, you can do, because it opens up, but even just you telling me that like, oh, there's so many possibilities.

Adrienne Dorison  
Yeah, cuz it makes it easy for us. Because one of our key metrics as a company is like engagement and completion of our program. And so if we're really focused on engagement and completion of our program as an internal metric of how we know we're doing a good job, then we need to have a way to track that.

And so it, it makes it super easy to track that, you know, I don't I don't know how other people are doing that. And, you know, understanding how many people finish finish my course. Well, if you don't have these things in place, then how do you how do you know really, you know, and how do you know that they are moving forward, or if they're just getting lost in the shuffle.

And so I think having these two tools takes so much, you know, work off of our team's plate that we would have to be trying to do manually and probably not be doing it very well. And a lot of it can be automated and other pieces, like you said, we can add those personal touch points even through automations that both systems are telling our team to do so it's been amazing.

And we continue to like it, keep improving it keep making it better and better.

And that's, you know, what we appreciate about member vault too, is like you're always open to hearing what would be helpful and continuously improving the product because it wasn't like that five, seven, you know, five years ago, right? Like, because you're listening to like, what do people want? What are people actually using? And how can we make this product even better, which is another thing our team loves. Because they're always coming up with ideas to love it.

Mike Kelly  
Love it. So well. Thank you so much for your time today during um, where can people find you learn about clockwork? Where can they get some of this magic?

Adrienne Dorison  
Yes, you can go to runlikeclockwork.com. Everything is there. If you sign up for the clockwork kit, you can see our membervault.

Mike Kelly  
that's cool. I do love it. You have a very pretty account. Yes. Well, thank you so much again.

Adrienne Dorison 
Thank you. Thank you

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