Blog Build Your Buzz: Jaclyn Mellone on her favorite ways to make sales using MemberVault

Build Your Buzz: Jaclyn Mellone on her favorite ways to make sales using MemberVault


This post is written by Jaclyn Mellone as part of the Build Your Buzz event hosted in collaboration with MemberVault. Want to learn how to increase your engagements and sales and make your MV account buzzing?  Click here for the full experience.


When I shifted my thinking from MV being just a  “course hub,” to it being a platform to drive sales, a whole new world of opportunity opened up for me! 

While there are many many many ways to drive sales using MemberVault, I do have one way that is my hands-down favorite! And the best part? It works for just about any business or business model! 

My Favorite Way to Make Sales Using MemberVault

My favorite way to make sales using MemberVault is likely a bit unexpected. It’s not the binge and buy marketplace, the hot leads feature, or gamified automation - although I do love and use all of these! My favorite? Quiz Questions. 

Confused? Curious? Intrigued? Let me explain…

I subscribe to the philosophy that when done right, selling is serving. I’ve found that the better I’m able to get to know my community, the better I’m able to serve them. 

This is why the Quiz Questions feature in my MemberVault is so powerful! I’ve been able to use it to survey my community members and open up a dialog. Then I can get insight from their responses to make personalized recommendations and invitations. Because these offers and invitations are hyper-relevant, they are incredibly effective! 

I’m going to break this down for you so you can see how you can leverage the Quiz Questions feature to survey your community members!

When we think about making sales in MV, there are 3 core paths to choose from. We can use the Quiz Questions feature to fuel sales in all of these paths. I encourage you to use them all, but start with the one that most aligns with your priorities right now. 

The 3 Core Paths to a Sale

  • Create a New Offer 
  • Sell Existing Offer
  • Upsell Existing Clients or Customers

Let me break down how to use this feature to fuel sales in each path. 

Create New Offer

Are you thinking about creating a new offer? Whether you are starting to offer a new service, thinking about creating a course or considering pulling all of your content into a membership, this is a great opportunity to survey your community! 

Getting key insights from your community before you launch your new offer can help you set yourself up for the most success! This insight can help you validate your offer, clarify your messaging, and create a waitlist of humans eager to give you money! 

Example: Consultation Survey

One way I’ve done this is by using a Consultation Survey. I was creating a new offer and wanted to see what community was struggling with the most and what their biggest goals were. 

I set up a product in my MV hub and called it a ‘Free Business Assessment’ and emailed it to my list. I only made it available for a limited amount of time and promised to record a Loom video giving strategic business advice on where to focus next based on their responses. While this was significantly more time-consuming than a traditional survey that didn’t require me to give individual responses, it did lead to a significantly higher quality of response. Since community members knew they were going to get free advice from me, they were more willing to open up and share what they needed support with.  

Promote Existing Offer(s)

Do you already have a service, course, or memberships to offer?  Whether you are trying to figure out which offer to promote next, worried about promoting ‘too much’ to your audience, or just looking for a way to increase sales, I highly encourage you to do a survey! 

A survey can help you realize where the majority of your audience is looking for support, or help you segment your community so you can make more relevant offers. 

Example: Application Survey

One way I’ve done this is by creating a free offer that was available by application only. I invited my audience to access a free mindset masterclass that was designed for their stage of business. After they filled out the application, they were given access to the masterclass that best matched their responses. This was something we used to do manually, but MV actually just added a feature to the Quiz Questions so this can be easily automated! 

Instead of offering one generic freebie, I was able to create a customized experience for my community. And instead of just asking for an email address, I was able to ask some key questions that allowed me to segment my audience so I could better serve them. 

I recently used this strategy by creating an application only ‘club’ for my Go-To Gal podcast listeners! Listeners can become a ‘Gal Pal’ by filling out an application. Once they are in, they have access to a private podcast of all of our mindset episodes and a chance to apply for on-air coaching. I plan to add more, but this was a simple way to engage our listeners with content we already had, while learning more about them and what they want from the podcast. (Want to hear more about this strategy? Give this episode from Jaclyn's podcast a listen)

Upsell Existing Clients

Do you have clients or customers you are hoping to continue to work with? Maybe these are people who you’re already working with, or you’ve worked with them in the past.

These are statistically your highest converting leads! And yet most people don’t have a system in place for client and customer retention. The Quiz Questions feature is an easy way to systemize this process! 

Example: Feedback Survey

One way I’ve done this is by creating a feedback survey to share at the end of a program. This type of survey allowed me to gather testimonials, identify areas of improvement within the program itself, and see how I could continue to support my clients. While most of the time I use this as a way to bring on private clients or offer a logical ‘next step’ program, I’ve also used this insight to recommend affiliate programs and twice have been inspired by the responses to create a brand new program! 

Your Turn! Let’s Put it into Action! 

So how do you design your survey to be a win for you? 

First you get clear on your goals and priorities, then you pick a path that is in alignment. 

As you can see, whether you are looking to create a new offer, promote an existing offer, or upsell your existing clients and customers, using the quiz questions feature is a powerful tool for creating engagement that leads to sales! 

👉 Want access to our step-by-step training and resource guide to help you implement this for your own business? Go here to access Build Your Buzz for free! 

Meet Jaclyn Mellone

Jaclyn Mellone helps experts exponentially grow their business by becoming the Go-To Authority in their space. She is a coach, strategist, Keynote speaker, mama, guac lover, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast!

Jaclyn has proudly built the Go-To Gal empire in her slippers from her living room in Rochester, NY!

Connect with Jaclyn over on Instagram (@jaclyn_mellone +
Visit her MV site here.


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