Blog User Spotlight: How Jessica Rodriguez uses MemberVault

User Spotlight: How Jessica Rodriguez uses MemberVault


Take a peek behind the scene at how Jessica Rodriguez uses MemberVault. Plus, learn her secret in creating a great onboarding experience for her users inside this exclusive interviews.

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Mike Kelly
Hey, this is Mike Kelly, CTO and co founder of MemberVault. And today, I'm here with Jessica Rodriguez. And this is really fun. You've been a longtime user, you actually left us for a little bit, and then you came back. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna grill you on that today. But I actually think that's really cool. Because you have seen, you have seen the world. And, and we're just really excited to talk to you today about how you're using MemberVault. In in your business. So first, for those who do not know you, introduce yourself like, who are who are you? And what kind of people do you serve?

Jessica Rodriguez
Yes, so my name is Jessica Rodriguez, I am the CEO behind the scenes of Freedom Driven Success, where we focus on helping business owners take their one on one and done for you expertise, and shifting them over into online courses all under the lens of giving you back the freedom you originally started your business to have.

Mike Kelly
I love that it is such a circular trap, right? You're like, I'm gonna leave the job and do my nine to five, you know, I don't want to work for the man and then you end up being your own man.

Jessica Rodriguez
My own worst boss, what just happened?

Mike Kelly
Oh, my God. So okay, so in your MemberVault? What Kind Of Products Do you have? Is it, of course, is the coaching, a mix?

Jessica Rodriguez
Yep. So we have primarily our courses are all there, our programs. And then we do have a higher level group coaching program, which that has a lot of the call recordings and things like that, however, because they get access to our entire library, we're easy, you know, we're able to go ahead and unlock everything for them. So they get specifically their content, and then the rest. So a lot of what we have our courses, we do also have an option because we do run an evergreen funnel. So this is a webinar that runs every single day we do you have an option where if somebody is coming to the MemberVault library, they can see that, hey, there's a free training right here. They can go to that, which of course will then lead them back into MemberVault.

Mike Kelly
Yeah, no, I love that. That's chef's kiss, beautiful. And so what other tools do you use with MemberVault? Because it doesn't exist in a vacuum that we're just talking before the call. Like, there's there's other things that you kind of like use and plugin. So I'm kind of curious, like, what other tech tools connect with your MemberVault to give this experience?

Jessica Rodriguez
Yep, so our primary is Zapier. So just making sure that all of that is running, we use ConvertKit for our emails. And because we do a lot of evergreen funnels and things that are on the back end, we have deadline funnel as well, which isn't necessarily a priority as far as like connecting with MemberVault. But it's something that just you know, helps support the overall scheme of things in the business. And then like I said, Zapier is really the connection point for all of them. And we do use lead pages for all of our sales pages and things like that. 

Mike Kelly
I love that. That's it. That's a nice cornucopia of tools that are connecting in and Zapier really is you can do so much with it. I know a lot of people are Zapier resistant, and I get it, but But you really can choose your own adventure. You know, with that, yeah.

Jessica Rodriguez
And I mean, honestly, I have gone and this was part of like, I thought I would simplify my business at one time going to an all in one solution. And I'm like, Look, it'll have everything under one and all of this. And not only did I learn that, like it doesn't mean all of them work very well. Like they all happen to be in one. But you still have to like, now get this tool in this tool and things like that. But then once I started going, You know what, let me get the best of the best in each of these areas, and then have something like Zapier, I actually found that it was less glitchy that way than when I was like, kind of go the all in one direction. So I always think that's just fascinating, because you would think it'd be the other way. But yeah, not really.

Mike Kelly
Yeah. So let's geek out for a minute. Um, I know we were talking about like, how do you use because you're really about this, like onboarding supportive experience. And so how are you using MemberVault and your other tools together to like, really give this kind of like supported onboarding?

Jessica Rodriguez
Yes. So the biggest thing, especially because I do a lot with courses is we want people to have an amazing experience when they come in, right? Like, it doesn't want to be like, Oh, I purchased this now nobody cares. Cool, great. I'm gonna just spend my money here. So we really sat down and said, Okay, what makes people feel valued, what does that look like? And then how can we essentially remove ourselves out of it, so it doesn't have to be manual, right? Because that would create a another issue for us.

So the way that we have it set up is once somebody purchases they are going and I forgot to mention a little bit earlier they come through Thrive cart, so that's our payment gateway there so they go through Thrive cart, and then once they get there then Zapier goes hey, they came in for this specific bonus, this specific offer all of this. It puts them all in MemberVault exactly how they need to go. And then from there, we start sending out our emails and the first email that is welcoming them. And this is something that I really think is worth it for that first week to send out a couple of emails that really lets them know where to go sign in, like, where to what buttons to click, how do I ask questions? How do I get the most out of this? 

So if you have a community attached, like how can you utilize this MemberVault It has the features where you can add in, you know, like your quizzes and stuff like that. And with all of those features, if you're using any of those, and getting feedback from people, like make sure they actually know how to use them. Because that may be super second nature to us. Because we're in it. We're like, Oh, that's so cool. I love that you can do this, this this, let them know how to maximize that. So we spend that first week after somebody purchases, sending emails that gives them a little piece at a time and explains exactly look like here's how to get the most out of everything that we have. Now along with that we also have an automated process where we send them out a little postcard, it says you're amazing on the back, and thanks them for joining us inside.

And it's something that doesn't cost a lot as a business owner. But it really does make an impact, right? Because how many of us just get built in mail is that thing where you're like, oh, okay, like this is fun mail, they can hang it up to because it you know, it actually has something cute on it. So it helps to create that memory. As far as if you saw it in your office, you like, probably should log in, to do the offer that comes with it. So we did it that way we use postable for that. Some people like readable you can you know, play around, there's a lot of options out there. But I love that this kind of happens throughout the onboarding process. 

So as those emails are going out and saying, Hey, like go log into the members area, start here, here's how you can start making the most of our postal service is doing its thing right behind the scenes getting that over as well as another little momento. And then something we really enjoy is right after that first week, because we know that's when people are usually the most excited to dive in, right? Like, we're going to go through and we want to make sure that they are taking action. So we do send them out the option of hey, if you have completed the first three lessons, which probably takes a little bit less than an hour to complete, we have, if you've completed them, which we can see a number of boxes, we can see you know exactly what they've done. I want you to go ahead and choose Starbucks or Dunkin, what's your fav we're going to send you out a gift card just like off he's on. Because cuz you probably use something to go through. And also here you go. You can have that. And we've really found that to be helpful where it is these just little things that you can do that helped you get people better results, because they are utilizing exactly what you've created for them and what they've purchased.

Mike Kelly
I love that. That's so good. There's so many good, like, I feel like keeping this short, so I don't want to dive into all of them. But I do I just I love that you're put yourself in the shoes of you know, your your people that are going through this. And I know every couple months in MemberVault we sign up as a new user to see what it's like. We're always like, Oh yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense or like, oh, this could feel more supportive. And so you've totally leaned into that. And again, I love that you're you're constantly leading people back into your MemberVault to do the thing, and then reward them for doing the thing. So, so much good stuff there. Jessica. Thanks so much. Where can people find out more about you maybe get into the one of these sweet variances?

Jessica Rodriguez
Absolutely. So you can head on over to we have a blog with all kinds of great, helpful things as far as creating a course of course you're gonna find a review on MemberVault, all of that goodness right there waiting for you. And then you can find me on all the socials at Freedom Driven Success.

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