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Our Vision + Commitment

We’re a young company, still finding our legs so this isn’t a groomed statement, nor is it perfect. But it absolutely is from our heart. We don’t want you to have to dig to know if we’re a company you want to spend dollars on. It’s important to us to be vocal about our vision and our commitment to the people we want to support.

We will always be committed to diversity of voices — and that includes all ages, abilities, gender identities, cultures and religions. We believe this leads to the best possible business reality for us all. Different perspectives raise all up, and silencing anyone because they are different from yourself is inexcusable.

Our community is one of positive, supportive voices from all over the world, and we will continue to welcome all who want to be a part of that community.

We are also actively learning more about how we can best support the Black, Hispanic and LGBQT+ communities that have been historically marginalized and silenced.

Our first step? We are offering 100% off our Unlimited Plan to businesses that actively and directly fighting racism and social injustice with their services. Learn more here: https://membervault.co/invested

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