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The Starter Plan

The Starter Plan

We've put together a Starter Plan to help you reduce monthly costs, and give yourself more breathing room than is available with our free plan. 

The MV Starter Plan is different from our other paid monthly plans, and lifetime plans, in that it doesn't include any of our paid plan perks.

Our goal was to create the lowest possible cost for you with this plan.

And you have until Jan 6th, 2021 at 12PM ET to purchase this lifetime plan before it's no longer available!

What do you get with the Starter Plan?

You get 250 spaces in your MV site to fill with amazing clients and fans of your business!! We looked at average list sizes, and felt this was the perfect growth plan to help you see benefits and increase revenue before moving to a paid monthly plan or larger lifetime plan.

And it's just $99, one time!

Who is the Starter Plan for?

This plan is ideal for two types of businesses.

👉 If you are a beginning business with less than 250 people on your email list, or if you are an established business with more than 250 people on your email list, but are looking to reduce monthly costs -- this plan is for you.

And we're even including suggested resources for both of those realities, to either help you niche & grow your email list OR how to use MV without utilizing our full binge & buy strategy (which suggests you import your entire email list).

Reminder, the Starter Plan does NOT include the perks of our other paid plans. BUT, know that when you're ready, you can upgrade to our Pro lifetime plan at any time. This DOES include all paid plan perks, and you'll even be able to apply the $99 you paid for the Starter Plan to the purchase of a Lifetime Pro plan.

If you aren't familiar with the perks associated with paid plans -- know that with the Starter Plan, you'll be giving yourself more room to grow BUT these things are not included:

  • It's not eligible for account boosts (although you can still accumulate them, with no expiration, for when you grow up to a different paid plan)
  • It does not include the weekly office hours calls with Katrina
  • It does not include access to MV Insider, our resource area for paid users that includes 6 months of email swipes and replays of our MV Presents workshops

We chose to not include those perks in order to give you the lowest cost possible on a lifetime plan.

And remember, when you're ready to outgrow your Starter plan, you can apply the $99 to our Lifetime Pro (capped at 1 million, also includes all perks).

There is no expiration on that prorated discount -- just reach out to chat support inside your MV account, or hello@membervault.co, for a custom coupon code when you're ready.

Should you switch if you're on an existing paid monthly plan?

It's up to you, but know that you'll be losing access to earn-able boosts, MV Insider and the weekly office hours calls. If you have less than 100 people on your email list, it might be a good fit for you.

Just know that once you grow past the 250 cap, you can only apply the $99 you paid for the Starter Plan to our Lifetime Pro plan, not to monthly paid plans.

Why are we offering this new plan?

The answer to that is two-fold. We want to make MV as accessible as possible, in a format that allows you to grow your business beyond the limits of our free plan.

AND, we're using this to fundraise another wave of upgrades to MV, namely redesigning the admin area and expanding our team further for further improvements to the platform.

This plan will no longer be available to purchase as of 12PM ET on Jan 6th, 2021. In short, if you are interested, now is the time to snag it!

Any questions? Ask them here!

Important Notes Before You Purchase:

  • If you are new to MemberVault and don't yet have an account, please create your account before purchasing your Starter Plan. 
  • Please make sure that you purchase your Starter Plan using the email address associated with the account you wish to upgrade to ensure MV knows which account to apply the Starter Plan to. If you'd like to use an email address not associated with your account, send us an email to hello@membervault.co after purchasing with which account the upgrade should be associated with.

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