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There are a million and one ways to create and sell content online (OK, maybe not THAT many, but close), and what fits one person won't fit another. That said, we believe there is one style for course creation that is a win/win for everyone. 

It's called collaborative creation -- and it involves steps to ensure your people want what you're selling, allowing them to invest in it before it's created, collaborating with your early buyers and generally having more FUN with course creation. 

No more dreaming of a massive course that will help you scale your time and impact (and as the popular phrase goes "bring in money while you sleep"). 

Let's talk about micro-courses instead. 

Faster to create. Faster to consume. Faster to optimize. 

Win/win for everyone. 🙌

This foundational resource will support you in understanding these 4 key phases:

👉 Pre-validating

👉 Pre-selling

👉 Creating

👉 Bundling

Included is a MemberVault product template, plus marketing swipes and walk thru videos on how to use the product template through the various stages. Basically we want to take the guess work out of this for you, so you can take action and help your people (while bringing in more cash flow for your business). 

Sound good? Then what are you waiting for? Let's get this dream of yours out into the world, eh? 🙌

Can't wait to get crackin' on this with you!

Fist bump from afar,
Erin Kelly
CEO, MemberVault

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