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Make Your MV Shine

Make Your MV Shine

Ready to feel supported, super smart and beyond excited to share your MV (over, and over again)? While saving precious your precious time + energy, thanks to swipe files and templates? This is for you.

Putting your offers into MV is only one piece of the online business puzzle. 🧩

If you wish you had a launch manager, marketing brain and copy writer by your side to help you figure out how the heck to engage with your people, make things sound good and (duh) make more sales, this resource is for you.

And the best part is -- it's a resource that will keep GROWING.

That means you invest now at the "not a lot of content in here yet" price, and continue to get access to it once it grows into a "omg, this is packed full of quick-useable templates/swipes/ideas" price. 

This Make Your MV Shine resource is your home point to MV CEO Erin Kelly's marketing + copy brain, and a community of fellow Shine investors. Yep, every lesson will have embedded comments so you can engage with other Shine buyers, and collectively request new content for Make Your MV Shine. 

And NO, we're not talking a whole bunch of training resource content you need to go thru. Nope, you DEFINITELY don't have time for that! 

The vision for this resource *over time*, as it grows, is to give you a mix of three things:

👉 foundational "set up your account like a pro" swipe files, mini-workshops and templates

👉 give you copy/paste/tweak and post or send swipe files for both email and social media that will keep you visible and front of mind with your people

👉 actionable sales + strategy ideas that you can trot out when you want a jolt of cash flow and/or engagement

Between the template and swipe resources + the mini-workshops (complete with captions and transcripts) AND your fellow Shine commenters, you won't feel alone with your ideas anymore.

You'll feel inspired, motivated, and empowered to start talking about your shiny new MV site, with amazing offers inside.

I specifically created this resource for people who:

  • Log into their new MV, fully motivated, but then end up overwhelmed at what they should do first to get the best results
  • Pop into their MV to write up a sales page for a new offer they’re planning and then sitting staring at the blank page...not sure where to start
  • Wonder why they have no traffic in their MV, but feel overwhelmed at the thought of writing emails or posting on social media
  • Want my strategic support to help grow their cash flow and help them turn around new products and/or improve existing ones

This resource isn’t for people who:

  • Aren’t in a season of growth in their business, since they won’t be motivated to use it
  • Are already professional MV users that don’t want/need strategic or copywriting help
  • Aren’t sure who they are serving, or what they should be offering their audience

What's included in the foundational content of this resource:

  • checklist of things to set up in your MV + how to do it
  • mini-workshop on making your product/module images look pro, using the right dimensions
  • mini-workshop on how to add Circle (an outside tool) comment embeds in your MV product (and a “this or that” pro/con list for that vs a FB group)
  • mini-workshop on using our Start a Conversation product template + your existing offers to generate relevant, high open rate email ideas for months
  • copy/paste sales page template to use for a paid offer
  • Landing page template for free offers
  • one off personal follow up copy/paste email swipe for hot leads
  • a 3 email supportive sales sequence for hot leads
  • one week social promotional plan to get more eyes on your MV + copy/paste swipe content
  • 6 months of high engagement email swipes (full transparency: these are pulled from our MV Insider, so if you're a paying user, you already have access!)

And you'll get instant access to your bonus resources:

👉 How to use MV Actions to increase your sales with Juci Kisistók

👉 BONUS - Creating a One Time Offer Using MemberVault with Karem Mieses

👉 BONUS - Protect Your Content Online: 5 Steps to Be Aware of & What to Do with Mariam Tsaturyan

PLUS, to give you even more email swipe fun to play with...our 52 emails to sell, engage & motivate swipe file resource!

Want to see what content is planned for this resource in the fall/winter? Full list here (although I'll keep adding beyond that based on co-creating content with the Make Your MV Shine community).

Questions about this Make Your MV Shine resource? Send a quick email to me at erin@membervault.co -- I'd love to hear from you!

Erin Kelly
CEO & co-founder @ MemberVault

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