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Lifetime Pro

Lifetime Pro

We've got BIG plans, with a small team and a focus on growing the right way (aka keeping our customers, and our team at the forefront of decisions), here at MV. 

And that's why we're offering a lifetime plan during this season of fledgling growth for the company. We want to reward you for investing in us, and providing an injection of cash flow that allows us to make big jumps forward (like with our redesign project). 

By investing in a lifetime plan, you'll never pay another dime for MV, even if you keep using us for years upon years. And you'll also get access to all of the perks of a paid plan -- like weekly group office hours calls with Katrina, priority chat support and special surprise goodies.


  • a 45 min fast action intensive 1:1 call with Katrina where she can screen share with you and clear up any questions about set up, linking with other tools, best practices and understanding the best ways to utilize the binge and buy strategy

So if you love using MV and you want additional support in maximizing your efforts -- let's do this!


FINE PRINT, cause it's important: 

This is a one time payment for a MemberVault license with unlimited products and bandwidth, and a cap of 1,000,000 people in your account.

If you exceed 1,000,000 people in your account, we'll notify you by email and you will have 14 days to either remove users to get back under your license cap (we'll make sure you know how) OR you can boost your account in 25K people increments for $100/one time payments.

By purchasing your lifetime license, it is implied that you have already tested the platform and have a good understanding for its functionality and how it fits your specific needs. 

If you have not yet experienced MemberVault, we recommend creating a free account and getting familiar with the platform prior to purchasing your lifetime license. 

*All lifetime license purchases are final sale and not applicable for refunds.

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