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Jen McFarland

Jen McFarland is a digital marketing operations consultant who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses slay technology overwhelm, streamline processes, and amplify their impact.

From Jen:

"When I looked at platforms, it was gamification that sold me, and no additional fees for payments. What I LOVE about MV now is its flexibility. I don't have many visible products, but I use it for other things (links in an ornate ActiveCampaign opt-in automation, client portal, etc.) in addition to courses. I also love the owners and active community. So HONORED to be part of this great community and conversation."



  • She lives in Portland, OR
  • She has two Boston Terrier fur babies (Booker and Ruthie). Ruthie is 3 months old ... endless entertainment!
  • She loves coffee in the morning. She listens to brain.fm while working on client projects, and she LOVE fixing hot messes so her clients' marketing can show up BIG TIME!


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Is this you? "I spend so much time futzing around with the tech details, I can never get any actual work done. Stuff takes me 10x longer than it should. Can’t I just automate some of this?"

YES? Start here.

I’ve gathered up my Guides, Checklists & Templates To Accelerate Your Business Growth here, so you can find what you need when you need it.

It’s late, you're tired, and you just need to know which one or how-to, without having to expend a ton of brainpower. 

Lighten your load with these free resources.

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Are your marketing initiatives truly serving your business?

In this course, you’ll examine your mission and vision to ensure all current marketing efforts are aligned and supporting your big-picture goals.

IDEAL FOR: Businesses who want their promotional efforts to fully reflect their values in addition to driving revenue.


💌 Get in touch with Jen:

Email jen@jenmcfarland.com

Find her online:

Website // Facebook // Pinterest // LinkedIn // Podcast


Take a peek at her MV site right here.

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