Conversation Capsule Bundle


We love cooking up strategy over here at MV headquarters. So much so, we're giving you actionable bite-sized strategies that combine smart use of MemberVault + email marketing*, all with a relationship marketing twist. 

You won't find any spamtastic techniques in the conversation capsules, . Nope, nope, NOPE

These are created to have some fun with your marketing, and help your audience have fun too. 

In every capsule you will find:

- The Why...more in depth but fun to read description of the why and when to use that strategy in your business

- The How To...videos, screenshots and more to make it paint by numbers simple to put this into practice in your business (or tag in a team member or one of our certified partners to handle it for you)

- The swipes, importable automations, my favorite gifs, etc. This goal of this section is to make the capsule a FAST thing to implement in your business.

All capsules are created to take the guesswork out of fun strategies and make them fast, easy, and enjoyable to implement in your business. 

If you're a paid pro level MemberVault user -- all capsules are included for you to use -- free of charge.


If you're ready to hit the ground running with some fun strategies, you'll love the capsules included in this bundle.

- The Holiday Gift Guide...perfect for showcasing your products in a supportive, fun way to your audience and/or highlighting your favorite affiliate products/services

- The On-Demand Workshop...make it easy for your audience to consume your content on their own schedule, learn from you and get exposure to your special offer (because let's face it, you probably have one!)

- The Email Quiz...everyone wants to learn more about themselves in a fun way, especially during the frantic holiday season. Make segmenting fun using this "which one are you!?" segmenting quiz that also gets eyeballs on your marketplace

- The End of Year is a great time to ASK and learn more about what you can do more of, what you could do a better job of, and what people liked most as we roll into a new year

- The Special Gift capsule...put a smile on the faces of your clients, your most engaged subscribers, guests on your podcast, etc while standing out as the pro you are



All of the email marketing how to in these capsules will be using ActiveCampaign. It's our email tool of choice and is also the most flexible and powerful option out there at a reasonable price point. 

If you use a different email tool, you can use the strategy and email swipes but the how-to will require a little more puzzling on your part, depending on the complexity of the capsule strategy.

For the capsules that include one click automation import links -- these are only available for ActiveCampaign.

Most importantly -- we will NOT be able to help you puzzle out how to use these capsules with other email services outside of ActiveCampaign via chat. We love you, but that is outside the scope of this product.

However, we CAN recommend a certified partner that is an expert in your email tool. Keep in mind your email tool may not be able to do all of these capsules, as some email systems have more limited features.

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The Email Quiz Capsule

3 Lessons

Engage your list and drive traffic into your marketplace. Everyone loves to learn "which one they are!".

The End of Year Survey Capsule

3 Lessons

Utilize our quiz questions and "quiz complete" tag to reward people for taking the time to answer your survey! 

The Holiday Gift Guide Capsule

3 Lessons

Because supporting over spamming is our way, and what is more fun than a gift guide with "you'd like this" suggestions?

The Special Gift Capsule

3 Lessons

Want to make someone special (or a few special someones) smile, ? Surprise them with an "I appreciate you." special gift.

The On Demand Workshop Capsule

3 Lessons

You know we're all about on demand, and making it easy to binge on your own schedule. Here's how to do that with a workshop, !


1 Lessons