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Really want to build better relationships, sell without spamming and show up with your best self online? ...but not sure how to go about it? 

That's why we're offering this custom binge & buy wireframe plan to our annual accounts. It's ONLY available to our annual users and combines Erin's experience working with over 100 users personally in the past two years on a 1:1 basis + her strategic brain and knowledge of sales/email marketing to create the perfect custom binge & buy marketing plan for your business.

ALSO, since a beautiful binge & buy marketplace is nothing without anyone to see it -- you'll receive a customized 30-day email sequence that you can copy/paste/tweak/send to get your subscribers into your account.

Oh, but WAIT. *there's more* <-- said in best late night infomercial voice 😂

If you get your binge & buy marketplace up and ready to share within 30 days of receiving the wireframe?* 

We'll also feature you as a "check out THIS account" case study.

Sound good, ?


You can upgrade to a base annual at $399/year (capped at 1K users, until you reach an account wide EP of 5K and then you'll get a free boost up to 2,500 user cap). 


You can upgrade to a pro annual at $999/year (unlimited users, priority chat support) -- and also receive our holiday bonus of a big picture strategy call with Erin and a visibility strategy call with our certified partner in training, Jillian O'Keefe, organic & FB ad pro. 

Oh yeah, and with pro, you'll also start receiving monthly email check ins from Erin for an ongoing strategic boost. <-- these will no longer be offered in 2019, so if you want to be grandfathered into this? You'll need to upgrade before the end of the year.

*Don't worry -- your wireframe will include both a fast get 'er done plan that you can quickly execute, and some extra bells and whistles you can add as you have time.

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