Time to -- Up Level Your Email


Email. Most people either hate it, or dread it, orrrr have shame around it. Definitely, some overwhelm (or let's face it, A LOT of overwhelm). Inner voice conversations might look like...

  • Are you doing it right?
  • Are you emailing too much?
  • Are you not emailing enough?
  • Is your list big enough yet?
  • Are the people on your list even a good fit?
  • Maybe they're just freebie hunters...
  • Why aren't people opening your emails?
  • Why aren't they clicking!?
  • Why should I even care about sending email...


  • I hate email...email sucks...

And so the spiral goes. But, seriously, it doesn't have to be like that, . 

I have loved email for quite a while now -- and have helped craft compelling, engaging emails (that also convert) with a variety of teams and entrepreneurs before MemberVault was even a glimmer in Mike and my's eye. 🤣

And since MemberVault arrived on the scene, I have worked both 1:1 and indirectly via swipe files with hundreds of entrepreneurs to up their email game. 

I hear things like:

"OMG! I love how your brain works! That is GENIUS!"

"Whoa. My open rate has skyrocketed!"

"Thank you sooo much for the swipe files, it has made writing emails so much easier. I'm actually emailing my list now!"

"I got so many love notes from that swipe file. Thank you!!"


But I've noticed something, . Even with our swipe files and tutorials...there is a gap. And it isn't just with MV users. I'm seeing it when I sign up as a user for content on other platforms. 

  • Too many emails all at once
  • Too many irrelevant emails
  • Boring emails
  • Emails that make me work too hard
  • The dreaded hard selling emails
  • The stale AF funnel emails

And the very worst of all -- NO EMAILS AT ALL

Gahhh. That makes me SO SAD. When I find someone I like, who has every appearance of being able to help me? And that I genuinely want to hear from?

And upon signup, all I get are a series of 2-3 emails introducing them and pushing their opt-in with half-hearted "did you check this out", then some pushy sales emails with subject lines like "your LAST chance!!", "did you see this!?", "going away at midnight" and then *crickets*

And rather than feeling warm fuzzies? It results in more of a "not for me" feeling.

If that is what your email game looks like right now, , don't hang your head in shame.

It's not your fault. 

It's what the entrepreneur, bro marketing toolbox has looked like up till now. It probably didn't feel right to you, which led you to feel like you're BAD at emailing and BAD at selling. 

But you're not. You've just been forced into selling in a way that doesn't feel good to you (or to your audience)

And they're pushing back.

I've been hearing over and over that pushy launches and classic sales funnels with timers and webinars and templated "send this email, now this one, and watch the money pour in" just aren't working anymore.

No need to ugly cry, Dawson. This is a GOOD thing.

Our online marketplace is maturing, and buyers are becoming more educated. This is GOOD. 

It means we can create some really awesome results, and relationships. Which is our jam here at MV. 

It doesn't mean people aren't buying. It means people aren't buying the way they used to. They aren't falling for pushy tactics, highlight reels and slap-it-together content.

They still want your help though, .

You're just making it hard for them to invest in that help.

Which is why I want to create a program that makes it easier for you to get front of mind, build strong relationships, make it easy for people to buy from EVERY SINGLE EMAIL (including the first one).

I want to create a program that will take the stress out, and get you having some fun with your email, and getting giddy about using your MV account to it's max.

A program that will have you sending emails that your audience loves, that gets them into your binge & buy marketplace, that helps you follow up with the right person, at the right time, with minimal sweaty palm syndrome. 

One that helps fill your inbox with love notes and "your emails are the only ones I read" fans. Oh yeah, and more purchases.

Because cash flow is key in business.

Also? I know you're busy (aren't we all) and need another item for your to do list like a bump on the head.

Which is why this program has plenty of fun gamification (win an annual pro license, access to a private community of email rockstars, even boosts to your current account user limit, even if you're on a free plan...and more) and accountability with SHORT actionable items and swipe files to save you time, so you can enjoy the process AND get inspiration for how you run YOUR programs inside MV. #WinWin

*I know, this is a long one, but bear with me...don't squirrel just yet, *

Rather than being a "LEARN HOW TO DO THIS AND EXPLODE YOUR BRAIN" product -- this will be an actionable, swipe filled, gamified, collaborative experience that you can binge on over a weekend or two, or go slow on your own time. Regardless, you will get 12 weeks of supportive, personalized, accountability emails based on what you have accomplished so far. 

You'll learn by doing, which means you'll get the results as you do the work. What's more fun than that?

And, DUH, there will be both limited (to reward the quick action takers) and unlimited gamification bonuses.

After you complete the program, you will have:

  • a customized automated onboarding sequence for your new subscribers that lasts for 30 days (one of the MOST likely times for purchases) to create a streamlined bread crumb path for them to learn more about you, and get results
  • a confident new track record of weekly (or more frequent) emails to those not in the onboarding sequence
  • a method for following up with your hot leads in a way that feels good
  • automated email(s) triggered by teaser views for your most popular product

You'll also know + have a game plan for:

  • how to up the engagement in your existing (and future) products
  • how to increase conversions using urgency that feels good
  • how to learn more about what your audience wants (i.e. what you're doing right now is one method you'll learn)
  • whether you should dive in deeper with lead scoring and CRM techness based on your business model
  • [optional, if it fits] how to use lead scoring and ActiveCampaign's CRM to nurture your more engaged audience members and clients

Oh yeah, and it's gamified so you'll have the opportunity to win an annual pro MemberVault license, my eyes on your emails and other fun items.

Also? I have about 2 hours of work time each day, so I GET not having time for workshop calls, or long recordings. #WholeLottaNOPE

We're gonna keep this quick for me to create, and quick for you to consume. Win win win win! 🙌

I'm in the BETA phase of this program -- which means the content is being tweaked and improved as we speak (I did a pre-validation phase that ensured I nailed exactly what you need and an early bird phase before the content was ready)

But don’t read the above and think “eh, I’ll wait till it’s out of beta”. Turns out people are loving it already!


See these early testimonials:

"Loved the first template! I focus my email so much more about me and my story so I think it will be fun to switch it up and really plug the freebie! Love how game-ified it all is!" — Anna Frandsen

“Love these emails. Love the course. Love the incentives. So many ideas to implement from this.” — Dee Woodward

“Why can't every course I ever bought be this fabulous? I'm feeling soooo motivated already!” — Heather Carlson


I'll have more visuals and peer results as people go through and complete the program. But already, we’ve got crazy EP, binging happening at all hours, quite a few stars and some very happy participants.

Want to be one of them, ?

Let's get going!

All you have to do is decide whether you want to pay in full, or payment plan.


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