Never pay another dime for MV, %FIRSTNAME%.


MemberVault has great things ahead of it, and to quickly take action on items like our design by hiring a front end developer and in-app onboarding via an outside tool, we have decided to open doors to a limited lifetime unlimited account plan offer.

We're calling it -- The Founding 100 🏆

This funding will also allow us the space to focus even more on free strategic guidance so you can make the most of your account. 

We've been overwhelmed by interest from our initial sneak peek of the offer, so we expect it to sell out fairly quickly. This is the only time we will offer an unlimited lifetime license, and we also will be retiring the pro unlimited plan as of May 1st (it will become our Pro Plus plan, capped at 250,000 users). 

So if you have a growing business that is generating revenue, you see yourself using our tool for at least a year and/or want to be a part of the ground floor funding for MemberVault, the Founding 100 offer might be perfect for you.

Our Founding 100 program includes:

  • An unlimited user MV license that you will never pay another dime for! This is the only time we will offer a lifetime unlimited.
  • The 90 Day Accelerator program
  • A Founding 100 user badge
  • Access to the Founding 100 private community

What is the 90 Day Accelerator? 

It's a program we cooked up based on our previous support offers to help keep you on track using your MV account to the fullest. It starts off with an in-depth questionnaire that I will use to whip up a strategic guidance email for you, and that Katrina will use to create a personalized demo so you don't feel stuck in any way using our tool.

From there, we'll continue our knowledge about you from the questionnaire and check in every week via email over a period of 90 days.

You'll get personal touches from every member of the MV team -- and access to each of our strong suits! 

What's the Founding 100 community?

While we love the Collab like CRAZY, , it's a quickly growing community with a constant influx of new members asking the same or similar questions.

The Founding 100 will be a protected space of knowledgeable MV users that are farther along on their journeys, and we hope to facilitate it becoming as supportive and positive as the Collab space.

There is also tremendous power in a smaller, active group as you can get to know each other better and I can truly say, nothing is more powerful than a strong business network!

Questions? Hit us up via email at, inside the Collab, or via chat inside your MV account.

Accelerator Questions

1 Lessons

We'll use these answers to create your next step strategy and personalized demo video, !